OPlast-KotePlastering Guides

Plast-Kote Plastering Guides were developed as an aid for masonry finishes. No Nail glue is needed for installa-tions.

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OPlast-KotePlastering Button

Plast-Kote plastering button guides are being used as plaster guide for concrete wall. It used to replace con-crete button bottle crown or

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OEuro-BladeMasonry Tools

Euro-Blade Masonry Tools. The Professional Tools For Tiling and sanding. The right tools for the right job.

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Machineries and Equipment.

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Technoresins Industrial Inc. was established in 1992. Our company committed to improve the procedures for job execution in the field of construction, in order to have faster & easier method in application, especially in the field of finishing works.
We have sufficient experience in Modern Building Technology backed up by combined supervision of German and Japanese expertise. Read More


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