Mortabond Roof Cement is in white color chemically formulated for Galvanized roofing Leak Repair and other related leakages such as concrete wall cracks , P-trap and underneath sink and toilet bowl. It is a quick set material, semi-flexible which can withstand minor movements, non-toxic, odorless,non-corrosive, non mettalic compound with high UV resistance. It is recommended for both internal and external use.
Surface preparation is essential for good adhesion. Suraface must be kept clean by using sandpaper to remove dirt/ any foreign objects, then use damp cloth to wipe out the dirt prior to application.
Mix required quantity of Mortabond Roof Cement with clean water in a suitable container until a smooth free from lump substance to form a paste like slurry is achieved. Let stand for 3-5 mins and then re-stir to have good adhesion. Ratio: Approximately 0.50kgs. of water to one (1) kg of powder . Refrain from adding water to a mix which has already began to set. Adding more water might weaken the properties of the product.
Apply the first coat of the mixed material unto affected area by using paint brush. Then place the fibre mat on top of the applied material by pressing, let it set then apply the 2nd coating evenly as final coat and let dry.
For best result: Following day, sprinkle the applied area with water for durability. It can be applied on any weather condition. Avoid wash out by water.
Clean hands and tools with water.
Available in 1/2 kg. Bag (20 boxes/master carton) Off-white and Colored