Mortabond Cementitious Repair Mortar is portland cement chemically formulated as primer to restore and correct uneven surface and bridge cracks on walls. It has high UV resistance and recommended for all kinds of concrete patching and repair.
It seals off efflorescence and hairline cracks for exterior walls to avoid water shrinkage, good for new and old structures, and applicable for both interior and exterior walls.
::: Crack free ::: Non-powdered when dry
::: Bubble free ::: Can be applied on all kinds of weather condition
::: No peeling/Chipping-off ::: Area can be sanded to attain flat even surface, ready for painting
::: Easy to apply using putty knife ::: Non-toxic
::: No additives needed ::: Odorless
::: Just add clean water ::: High water repellancy
::: Durable ::: Do-It-Yourself
Surface preparation is important for good adhesion. In surface preparation, change substrate to plastered wall Substrate must be structurally sound and clean, free from oil, dirt, and other contaminants. Wash down with clean water thoroughly before application.
Mix the required quantity of MORTABOND Repair Mortar powder with clean water in a suitable conatiner until a tacky smooth free from lump substance is achieved. A ratio of 0.3 part water to 1 part MORTABOND Repair Mortar powder is recommended. For more effective result, allow mixture to stand for 3 to 5 minutes. Stir occasionally during use.
Refrain from adding more water to a mixture which has already begun to set. Adding more water might weaken the properties of the product.
Apply MORTABOND Repair Mortar to fill joint gaps using putty knife. Allow to set, then fill up to level finish. Let dry for 20 mins. Applied aread may be sanded to attain flat, even surface (avoid continous heavy sanding). Wash surface with wet sponge then let dry.
Available in 25kgs. paper bag with resealable plastic bag for longer pot life.