Rainbow Tile Grout is formulated for tile grouting as gap filler in most types of ceramic, mosaic, granite tiles and natural stone applications. It uses selected high quality color pigment to avoid color fading after application which gives beauty and elegance. It comes in regular grout for regular traffic and sanded for heavy traffic to suite your needs. 20 Different Rainbow Colors Add clean water, ready to use.

Creamy and easy to spread
::: For interior and exterior application
::: 100% Waterproof
::: With protection in mildew/stain
::: Anti-mold / fungi properties
::: Do-It-Yourself
::: Crack free, Non-powdered when dry
::: Fast color

Surface preparation is important for good adhesion. Prior to grout application, check that all tiles are firmly attched to the subsurface; make sure that all tile joints and edges are clean and free of excess adhesives, loose materials and excess water.
Mix Rainbow tile grout powder with water in a clean mixing container until a consistently stiff, smooth, creamy paste is achieved. Approximately 0.90 quarts of water is required for every 2kgs. of grout. For best results, allow mixture to set for 2 to 3 minutes, re-stir mixture prior toapplication. Re-stir the mixture preiodically to prolong better workability
Refrain from adding more water to a mixture which has already begun to set. Adding more water
might weaken the properties of the product.
Apply the mixed grout using rubber float or squeegee. Work diagonally towards the joint using pressure to ensure that grout fills the joints. Remove excess grout from the surface of the tile with the edge of the float or squeegee in a diagonalmotion to avoid dislodging of embedded grout. Remove remaining grout with a sponge wringing out frequently.Let dry until grout becomes firm and a haze form on the surface of the tiles. POlish the tile with a soft cloth.
Area covered per application varies depending on the size and thickness of the tiles. Tile size of 1/4" x 8" x 8" with 1/8" gap between tile. 2 kgs. of Rainbow Tile Grout can approximately cover 12 to 13 sq. ft.
Tools and equipment can be cleaned with water before grout material dries.
Available: 2kgs. packed in polybag (10 bags in a master carton) and 5 kgs. (4 bags in a master carton)