plastering guides were developed as an aid for masonry finishes. No nail / glue is needed for installations. An 8ft. lenght can be easily established in 10 mins. with straight corner without chipping off.
Plast-Kote plastering guides are being used to replace trimmed wood/plywood which are unstable, wavy and varying sizes which causes loss of manpower due to misfits.

  • During actual plastering, the wavy trimmed wood causes the plastered surface to be uneven causing reworks. After removal of trimmed woods, chipped edges which are unavoidable has to be touched up.

    Plast-Kote plastering guides assures predictable quality finishes. Proper installations can easilly be insttaled in 10-20 mins. with a 3/8"-1/2" thick plaster.

    Plast-Kote helps monolithic application, avoid future cracking and delamination (Kapak) gives flat and even surface.

    All Plast-Kote model at 2.4 meter can be installed in less than 10 mins. Save Time, Labor & Money.

    ::: Determine base coat thickness for the plaster finish by using a plumb bob.
    ::: Apply ample coat of plaster mix on the rough concrete surface aligned to the plumb bob and let dry.
    ::: Shave off 1/4" to 1/2" of plaster mix from string.
    ::: Re-apply as second coating.
    ::: Fix Plast-Kote Plastering Guide aligned to the string. Make sure that the guide fin is aligned with plumb bob string and let dry.
    ::: Have off excess plaster mix higher than Plast-Kote fin to avoid from further chiseling, ready for plastering works.
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