Mortaplug hydraulic cement water plug is chemically formulated hydraulic cement mortar. It is a quick set, non-shrinking, non-corrosive, non-metallic wet plug mortar. It seals off water from in and out of concrete surface instantly and permanently. It is also suitable for underwater application.

Water reservoir, retaining wall, swimming pool, dams, cistern tank, basement, manhole, underground cable vault, tunnel segment joint, and other related works.
Surface preparation is important for good adhesion. Substrate must be stucturally sound and clean, free from oil, dirt, and other contaminants. For best results, wash down with clean water thoroughly before application.
Mix Mortaplug hydraulic wet plug powder with clean water until putty consistency is obtained, then make a cone shape like for plugging good for both external and internal application. Ratio: Approximately 100 grams to 25ml. water by volume (1 part of water to 4 parts of powder). To avoid wasteges, mix only quantity that can be placed in 2 mins.

Refrain from adding more water to a mixture which has already begun to set. Adding more water might weaken the properties of the product.
Apply mixture immediately by placing it on top of a cement trowel and firmly form into the hole and hold it steady for one (1) minute to avoid disturbance of the material until it sets. Trim excess mortar by using the trowel for a smooth finish. Damp wet applied area 15 minutes after application. Apply Mortaseal cementitious waterproofing compound as final coating.
Approximately 1 kilo for 155 crack by 2 cm crack (30" x 3/4" x 3/4) crack
Available in 4.5 gallon can and in (one) 1 kilo liter can.
Mortplug is safe to handle and use, however as with all chemically treated products, special precautions should be taken during handling and use. it is recommended to use globes and eye protection. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. If eye contact happens, flush in clean wate and consult a physician if required.