MORTAFLOW is a German technology cementitious rapid setting self levelling compound (SLC) made from Portland cement, selected fine silica sand and premium quality additives formulated as self levelling compound to fill the uneven and cracks on concrete surface to achieve a smooth and flat concrete screed preparation for laying ceramic tiles, wood parquet, carpet and laminated wood flooring and other related finishing works. It is recommended for Hotels, Shopping mall, Convention Hall, and Parking lots. It is durable for its integration / crystallization on concrete due to its capillary system. Mortaflow is pumpable, 100% water based, non-toxic, odorless, and Eco friendly..

PREPARATION: Surface preparation is very essential for good adhesion. Before application, make sure the substrate must be structurally sound, clean, free from dirt, oil, and other contaminants. Prior to applications, make sure, big cracks and holes should be repaired using cement mortar. Clean concrete substrates by using water and scrub it clean and let dry. Apply thoroughly Mortabond M-100 Primer by paint brush on concrete sub floor and let dry. Recommended at 2 coats.

Mix Mortaflow with slow speed mixer a minimum of 2 minutes at a temperature not higher than 20C in order to attain a smooth and lump free mixture. Pour the mixture unto mortar pump continously to the primed sub floor. Use rubber float or trowel for adjustment to the required thickness for a flat and smooth surface. Refrain from adding more water to a mixture, which has already begun to set. Adding more water might weaken the properties of the product.

Start the application from the end of the room away from the door, Apply Mortaflow by pouring / mortar pumps unto the
primed concrete substrates, trowel it lightly to desired thickness. Recommended for 3mm to 2 inch thick depending on the requirements. Light pedestrian is recommended 2 hours after applications, succeeding works can be done after 24hrs. Do not apply at a temperature below 5C.
Mortaflow applications coverage at 1mm thick 1.3 k.g./sq.m depending upon the prepared concrete substrate.
Mortaflow is safe to handle and use. However, with all the chemically treated products, special precautions should be taken during handling and use. It is recom-mended to use gloves and eye protection. Avoid eye contact and prolonged contact with skin. If eye contact occurs, flush in clean water and consult a physician if required.
Clean hands and tools with clean water.
Available in 20kgs. Kraft paper bag with re-sealable poly bag for longer selves life.