A German technology formulated as Waterproofing for Concrete substrate. Cement base formulated prevents leak of concrete substrate for walls and floors provides PERMANENT SOLUTION TO LEAKAGE. Mortaseal repair by sealing off cracks & pinholes permanently of concrete substrate that cause leak problem. Mortaseal integrates / crystallizes on concrete due to its capillary system, It has 100% flexural strength that withstand concrete movements. It is recommended for positive and negative side application. It is easy to apply using paint brush for an inexpensive concrete surface preparation, 100% water base, non-toxic, odorless and easy to maintain by patching on affected area that seals off water from going in or out of concrete.

Better Result : Fiberglass mesh is highly recommended for additional 30% flexural strength.
::: No peeling / chipping off
::: Semi-flexible, cracks free
::: Recommended for firewall water shrinkage
::: Interior / Exterior Use
::: Good for new and old structure

For permanent damp/wet area such as Bathroom, Cistern tank, Swimming pool, Roof decks, Retaining Walls and Firewalls, Dams, Floor Slabs, Kitchen Tops, Concrete Gutters, Plant Box, Basement, etc.
Surface preparation is important for good adhesion. Prior to application, make sure concrete substrate is free from cracks, holes and dents. Substrate must be structurally sound, clean, free from dirt, oil, any contaminants and existing waterproofing. For best results, wash down with clean water thoroughly before application.

Mix the required quantity of Mortaseal Cementitious Waterproofing powder with clean water in a suitable conatiner until a smooth free from lump substance to form slurry paste like is achieved. Applying with a brush, use a ratio of 0.40 part water to 1 part of Mortaseal. To apply using a trowel, mix 0.25 part water to 1 part Mortaseal powder. For more effective adhesion, allow mixture to stand for 3 to 5 minutes, re stir before using.

Refrain from adding more water to a mixture which has already begun to set. Adding more water might weaken the properties of the products.

Apply Mortaseal paste slurry using paint brush or trowel unto the prepared concrete surface. Apply in one direction then leave for 2-4 hours to dry. Repeat application on a crosswise direction over the first coat. Repeat application as needed. Make flood test 48 hours after application to ensure no leaks will occur prior to preparation of all kinds of finishing requirements. At least three (3) coatings are recommended.

For better result: Use fiber mesh cloth and Mortaseal as paste in between the wall and floor in order to absorb any minor movements of the concrete substrate.

0.75 kg. to 1 kg./sq. m. and depending upon the prepared concrete substrate.

Clean hands and tools with clean water.

Available in 20 kgs. Kraft paper bag with re-sealable poly bag for longer pot life, 2kgs. Repair bag and 4.5 kgs. Gal. can