1. What is Plaskote? .
A: Plas-kote is a plastering guide, made for easy application in Plastering works on concrete wall. It can save on both Time & Labor. It also prevents cracking and uneven surface. It surely, will avoid back job repair.

2. Why should we choose Brute Tile Adhesive for Plastering?
A: Brute Tile Adhesive was made for Plastering works on concrete wall, it’s easy to apply, excellent adhesion and does not easily fall off during application. No need for preparation on Cast in Place concrete prior to Plastering. Good for Tiling works too.

3. What is modified dry mix mortar?
A: Modified dry mix mortar is ordinary Portland cement mixed with different kinds of mineral stones and selected additives.

4. Why should we choose Mortabond products in our masonry work?
Mortabond products uses German Technology, manufactured from selected quality additives mix with cement mortar that gives excellent bonding, good workability (easy to apply), good flexural strength ( withstand minor movements of structure), and Good open time (longer setting time avoid future cracking). Saves Time, Labor & Money. No back job repair.

5. Why choose Mortabond Tile Adhesive for Tiling?
Mortabond Tile Adhesive is excellent for tiling job, avoid delamination of tile, tile on tile application no need to remove existing tiles. It’s also good for crack repair.

6. Why choose Mortaseal Cementitious Waterpoofing compound?
Mortaseal is cement base waterproofing compound that crystallized, integrates on concrete substrate permanently that eliminates water from in and out of concrete structures permanently.

7. Why choose Duraplas 3 in 1 cement paint putty?
Duraplas is cement base use as Primer application on plastered concrete wall. No need neutralizer or putty prior for painting. Application for existing paint is recommended for an elegant, even concrete wall.

8. Why choose Rainbow Tile Grout for Tiling?
Rainbow Tile Grout has 20 attractive colors to choose, to match to your tiles, non-powdered when dry. Easy to mix / apply.

9. Why choose Floorcote for floor Tapping?
Floorcote is recommended as floor tapping to correct the uneven dilapidated concrete floor. It comes in for attractive colors Light Gray, Blue, Red & Blue. Non powdered when dry, Easy to apply, crack free and does not delaminate. Minimum 6mm thick application is recommended. Recommended for Light & Heavy traffic.