DURA-PLAS Maxi is an Advanced Technology German formulation 3-in-1 as paint primer for both exterior and interior use as concrete topping finish. It is used as a paint primer / topcoatto beautify and protect concrete plaster topping and finishing requirements, flat and even surface canbe attained by sanding, good for new and repainting job, just add clean water, no additives required..
DURA-PLAS Maxi is non-toxic, compatible to paints with proper application bonds well on plaster surface,semi-flexible, and bubble free. It does not peel-off unlike the masonry paint. It eliminates spider cracks unlike ordinary portland cement. DURA-PLAS Maxi is cost effective, easy to apply reduces installation cost, bridge dip/minor cracks, and it has better workability easy to spead.
CEMENT: Cement base that bonds well on concrete wall
PAINT: Comes in Color, serves as primer. No need for concrete neutralizer
PUTTY: Applied area can be sanded to remove unwanted wavy wall to obtain flat even surface, ready for Topcoat paint.
Surface preparation is important for good adhesion. Plastered wall must be structurally sound and clean, free from oil, dirt and other contaminants. Repair all cracks and dents. (Recommended use: Mortabond Premium All Purpose Tile Adhesive) Let the newly plastered wall to stand a few days for further cracking and shrinkage. Wash down surface thoroughly with clean water prior to application.
Mix approximately ratio off 0.4 part of clean water to 1 part of Dura-plas Maxi powder in a suitable container. Stir to achieve a lump free, tacky smooth paste. Add water when needed and then allow standing for 3 to 5 minutes. For best results: Re-stir, prior to application. (Mix only what can be used at that time. Do not attempt to extend the pot life by adding water. Do not mix directly on the floor, use plastic bucket for mixing).

Refrain from adding more water to a mixture which has already begun to set. Adding more water might weaken the properties of the product.
Apply Dura-plas Maxi using finishing cement trowel, decorative rubber roller or mortar gun is recommended. Use cement trowel by force in pressing down to fill the dip or crack. Cover thin layer as topping directly to the rough surface of the prepared plastered wall. Allow to set and fill up to level and let dry. Applied area may be sanded 24 hours after application to attain flat, even surface (avoid continous heavy sanding). Wash down with water make sure dirt and dust are removed and let it stand for a few days for hydration, prior to application of topcoat paint.
DURA-PLAS Maxi paint primer has to be well cured. The surface may be painted with any good masonry paint. Test by painting a panel to determine wether the surface is cured. If not well cured, may be harmful to masonry paint.
20 kgs. bag of paint primer can cover 20 sq.m. at 1mm thick.
Available in White and attractive pastel colors packed in 20 kgs. Kraft paper bag with resealable poly bag for longer pot life.